Sun City

Like to Golf?

Are you over 55 and want to move to a community that you can meet your neighbors and be an active senior? Sun City has Concerts. Crafts. Swimming. Sports. Whatever your fancy, Sun City AZ has more than 130 chartered clubs available and a constant stream of events and activities to fill your day with ways to be active, creative and entertained. Architecturally, Sun City, Arizona is known for its unique character, personality, and legacy. It's signature easily accessible wide-open streets and clean and orderly atmosphere are all about accessibility. Golf carts are allowed to roam freely, so you can zip conveniently wherever you want to go and still be environmentally friendly. You'll find a vast collection of 70s-style homes here-a desirable trend in real estate nowadays. And pride of ownership is high, with everyone's yard and house looking good-and just a little bit different.